Family Restoration House

A team of three students from SFSU's Web Design Intensive created this site for a non-profit in Hunter's Point as the final project for the WDI program.

My roles in the creation of this site included:

  • Design of the site structure
  • UI Design
  • Creation of web-ready images from Photoshop files
  • Integration into HTML using Dreamweaver
  • Point-of-Contact with client and other agencies
  • Project Manager
This site received the highest praise from a panel of industry experts that judged all the student projects for that semester. The URL is The team also created a worksite to manage and chart the development process. The worksite contains a hypothetical budget for the project, as well as branding documents, design comps, and Microsoft Project timeline.

Bay Area Wealth Builders


This site provides information on a Bay Area real estate club. The site was a collaborative effort between a fellow WDI graduate and myself.

My roles in the creation of this site included:

  • Site structure and navigation
  • Optimization of Photoshop files
  • Integration into HTML
  • All client interaction

This site has been hugely successful in helping the club's founder build a large group of club members and participants.

The URL for this site is


Teri Sloat- Children's Book Author

I created a small JavaScript for this page of games.