About organization:

Their mission is to celebrate and support fathers and families raising children with special heath care needs and developmental disabilities.

Analysis of site:

The site’s splash page has a description of the mission, contact us, quest book, and search.

The global navigation consists of: news and resources, articles by dads, photo album, links to related sites, bulletin boards, calendar, and an option to translate the site in Spanish.


About organization:

The National Fatherhood Initiative founded in 1994 to stimulate a society- wide movement to confront the growing problem of father absence.

It is a non -profit organization that supports family and father-friendly polices, develops national public education campaigns to highlight the importance of fathers in the lives of their children, and provides information to individual men to help them be better fathers.

Analysis of site:

The global navigation consists of: about NFI, fatherly advice, resources, training, news, bookstore, interact/chat, contact NFI. The navigation is done very well (a site index) and uses a collapsing sidebar.

The website is simple and informative.

The fatherly advice section is written by a clinical child psychologist and serves as an inspirational tool for the audience.

Some of the sites are renew every day.

There are a series of radio and video public service announcements.

Simple layout.



About organization:

Take the time was launched by the Commission on children, Families and Community and the Multnomah County (Oregon) Youth Advisory Board in October 29, 1997.

The focus of their work is to encourage adults to get involved with kids.

They support kids and families in their community.

Take the time goals - They want all kinds:

Analysis of site:

The splash page is simple, consisting only of pictures, few graphics (the company logo), a short mission statement, global navigation, site map, contact information and a story corner.

The global navigation consists of: information about organization, connection with others, resources, and an area called "What can I do?" which contains a collection of favorite ideas on how to help support children."What can I do?" is simple, helpful, & informative.

The navigation is well organized and allows users navigate easily.

The navigation provides different tools, namely: a site map, a navigation menu at the top, and navigation menu at the bottom of each page.

This site is very clean, consisting of simple graphics and colors.


About organization:

"Fathers and Families is a Massachusetts based non-profit organization advocating the right of every child to have two parents."

Analysis of site:

The global navigation consists of: meetings, newsletter, contact information, mission statement, fatherhood, and links to others recommended sites.

There is a left side navigation bar.

Their site uses frames.

The color scheme and graphics are simple.

There are few photos.