Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 18:56:48 -0700

Dear Gary,

As part of the information gathering phase, we would like to get

your opinion on some other nonprofit sites so that we can gain

a better understanding of the "look & feel" the Family Restoration

House site should have. We’ve provided a list of links below

and would be very grateful for your feedback about them.


- What do you like/ dislike about the site’s look & feel?

- Do you like/ dislike the presentation of information, the navigation,

the color scheme?

- Do you envision these sites as potential models for the FRH site? If

not, what would you like the FRH site to have to better distinguish

it from other nonprofit sites?

We understand you’re very busy and greatly appreciate the time you’re

taking to help get this project launched.

We are very enthusiastic to be able to work with your organization

and truly look forward to building you a wonderful site.

If possible, please try to provide feedback on these sites by next

Wednesday, 9/5.

Kind Regards,

Chapman, Jolanta & Francesca





* the last URL listed above is actually a link to all the sites from

the previous web design intensive classes.

Feel free to explore them all, or if you prefer, simply take a glance

at the Nihomachi site, the Chinese Newcomers site,

the Family Connections site.