• Eight years of Product Management experience in enterprise software.
  • Bachelor of Science: Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Master of Business Administration: University of North Carolina.
  • Web Design Intensive Certificate: San Francisco State University.
  • Strong leadership skills demonstrated by a history of successful product introductions and creation of several live web sites.
  • Proven ability to work with diverse, technical, and non-technical individuals.
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented work style.
  • Enthusiastic and responsive team player.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills per comments of supervisors and peers.
  • Familiar with several web design applications and technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, ImageReady, XML, ColdFusion, and ASP.

Professional Experience:

Fall 2001 to Present: Freelance Web Design

Producer, Information Architect, Integrator: Built and currently maintain several live sites. Created budgets, schedule, and competitive analyses. Designed site layouts and navigation, produced HTML from PhotoShop files using ImageReady and Dreamweaver. Managed entire implementation and delivery processes for each site.

Sites include:

  • Bay Area Wealth Builders: Northern California real estate investment organization:
  • U.S. Intermodal Maritime: Oakland-based international shipping company:
  • Family Restoration House: San Francisco non-profit:

2000 to 2001:

Senior Product Manager: Actuate Corporation South San Francisco, California

Responsible for several Actuate ’s products including Java-based report authoring
tool and multiple report servers.

  • Defined requirements for e.Reporting Servers including high availability requirements.
  • Organized and drove productization of Actuate ’s Java-based report authoring tool.
  • Led cross-functional teams through the product development/introduction process.
  • Created training and demos for e.Report Designer tool.
  • Quickly became proficient with complex enterprise-level software

1997 to 2000:

Product Manager: Legato Systems, Incorporated Palo Alto, California

Responsible for the EMC integration modules, bundled solution for Oracle, and managed the technical relationship for several key international OEM partners.

Chosen among several product managers at Legato to manage the EMC product line and the Oracle OEM project. During the separate development phases, both projects were considered the highest priority for Legato per the Executive Vice-President of Product Operations.

  • Recognized for excellent delivery with several discretionary option grants.
  • Defined product requirements based on customer feedback, industry direction, and interaction with the Legato Sales organization. Drove all aspects of the product development lifecycle from the investigation phase to product definition to final product release.
  • Successfully delivered a complex and innovative solution to the market through close collaboration with Legato Engineering and Sales, and EMC Engineering and Marketing.

1993 to 1997

Product Manager: Hewlett Packard Company San Jose, California

Responsible for infrared transceiver modules in the microcomponents group. Solely responsible for Americas and European regions, and the Telecom market.

  • Drove forecast activity to determine five-year plan for revenue, profitability, and production capacity.
  • Headed all U.S.-based sales training including planning, creation of materials, and execution.
  • Set pricing strategy to maximize production utilization while meeting profit goals.
  • Created strategy for entry into the Telecom market.

Product Manager: Hewlett Packard Company Cupertino, California

Responsible for storage hardware strategy in the enterprise server division.

  • Established strategy to address gaps in product portfolio based on inputs from customer visits, sales force interaction, competitive analysis, and industry research.
  • Established relationships with key suppliers to complete the product portfolio.
  • Drove software and infrastructure enhancements to allow support of third-party storage solutions.
  • Project met aggressive timing requirements driven by new server introductions.

Product Manager: Hewlett Packard Company Cupertino, California

Responsible for system networking software protocols.

  • Defined long-term product requirements based on study of customer needs and industry direction.
  • Defined future product direction based on make analysis.

1985 to 1990:

Product Engineer: Chrysler Motors Detroit, Michigan

Responsible for the design and development of all passenger car wheel brakes.


• San Francisco State University Web Design Intensive: Completed 2001
• Recently completed courses in Advanced Dreamweaver, CSS, JavaScript, XML, ColdFusion, ASP.
• University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Master of Business Administration, 1993.
• Carnegie Mellon University: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1985.


  • Compete regularly in Alcatraz swims and other open water swimming events.
  • Proficient sea kayaker and have completed several sea kayaking classes in Monterey California.
  • Advanced Open Water scuba diver, with over seventy dives in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • Completed New York and San Francisco Marathons.

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